Plan a week of meals at a time

Each week, the planner will automatically generate a week's worth of meals and send them to you with a grocery list. Then, you can edit or regenerate them as much as you want. [view sample meal plan email]

Track what you actually ate

If you deviate from the plan, you can plug in what you actually ate to keep an accurate count of your totals. The "Stats and progress" page will show you how you're sticking to your targets over time.

Automatically plan leftovers

Want to bring lunch to work? Or have Meal Prep Sunday? Set up custom leftovers patterns in any way you like.

Customize each day of the week

Want your workout days to have a higher calorie and carb intake? Or maybe you have more time to cook on weekends than weekdays? Each day of the week can be completely customized with unique nutrition profiles and meal types.

Dining out? No problem

Our database has a ton of foods from popular restaurants, and can even tell you what to get at nearby restaurants. Swap them into the plan to keep up with your nutrition targets, and the pantry will automatically keep track of the extra food to use it up in a future plan.

Save big on food each month

Our users tend to dine out much less when they're following a meal plan. If you used to get takeout for lunch and start bringing in your leftovers instead, you can save up to $200 per month.

Instant grocery lists, delivered

Your grocery lists automatically update to match your plans. Then with one click, send your list to Instacart and get it delivered in as little as one hour.
(U.S. only for now, check if you're in the delivery area)

Other bonuses that you get for subscribing:

Print or email meal plans and grocery lists

Save an unlimited number of meal plans (vs just one with the free account)

The "Family scale" setting on your meals will scale the ingredients in your grocery list.

You'll be supporting our small but dedicated team in continuing to improve the site.

with an annual subscription,
or $9 month-to-month

Here's what people are saying about Eat This Much

"I did the free trial and I really didn't think we'd use it much, but we used it for those two weeks and immediately paid for a year after that. Having someone put together my grocery list and meals for me saves me a lot of time and helped kick start mine and my wife's diet (almost 30lbs down)."

- Reddit user /u/IxCptMorganxI in response to >What's the best free trial you have ever had?

"I'm a vegan figure competitor and aspiring nutritionist, and I've been dreaming of designing a website that does this. My friends always ask me to write them diets and I spent hours manually doing what this website can do in a few minutes."

- Simone K. @veganlife_fitness

"My only suggestion is that you continue to be this awesome and amazing. We tried you out for a week and now we've decided to make it official, Eat This Much is here to stay. My boyfriend and I now eat three absolutely delicious meals per day, made from healthy, whole and nutritious ingredients, with very simplified shopping trips and minimal preparation work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Ann from Michigan

"I am a 33 year old woman trying to lose some unwanted extra wight. Your meals are easy to make, taste great and the best part for me is that they DO NOT come out of a box, I make them from real whole foods. I share your site with my friends and family and I hope they sign up. I think that your site is very useful, well put together and easy to use."

- Shana, Aka BoomBoomBetty

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