Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookies

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookies
Fat 12% Carbs 81%
Percent Calories

1 serving of gingerbread christmas tree cookies contains 106 Calories. The macronutrient breakdown is 81% carbs, 12% fat, and 6% protein. This has a relatively high calorie density, with 315 Calories per 100g.

30 servings
Prep Time
25 minutes
Cook Time
20 minutes



  1. For the cookies: In a large mixing bowl, beat the butter, sugar, and applesauce until smooth. Add the egg and molasses, mix well.
  2. In another large bowl, combine flour, baking soda, and spices. Add to sugar and molasses mixture, stirring well with the mixer. Use your hands to form a large ball; the dough will be a little sticky.
  3. Wash and dry your hands. Place flour on your hands so the dough doesn't stick to you, then divide the dough into two flat balls; cover with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.
  4. After the dough has chilled 2 hours, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Generously dust the surface of your working area with flour before rolling out the dough. Work with one ball of dough at a time, keep the other refrigerated while you do so.
  5. Roll the dough out to 1/8-inch thickness, sprinkle a little flour on top of the dough if it's a little sticky. Trim the uneven edges off to square the dough, then using a knife cut the dough into 3 1/2 inch strips. Then cut the strips into triangles.
  6. Place the cookies 1 or 2 inches apart on a silpat-lined (or parchment lined) baking sheet. Bake 10-12 minutes.
  7. For the icing: Mix the egg whites with lemon juice. Combine with powdered sugar, mixing well then add a few drops of green food coloring until you get the color you desire. If the icing is too thin, add a little more powdered sugar, if it's too thick add a drop of lemon juice or water. Transfer to a piping bag to decorate cookies when cookies are completely cooled.
  8. To decorate, pipe the cookies with the frosting one at a time, quickly adding the sprinkles before it hardens.
  9. Depending on how thin you roll the dough out and the size of your trees, makes at least 60 tree cookies.
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Nutrition Facts

For 1 serving of gingerbread christmas tree cookies (34g)

Nutrient Value %DV
Calories 106
Fats 1g 2%
Saturated fats 1g 4%
Trans fats 0g
Cholesterol 10mg 3%
Sodium 49mg 2%
Carbs 22g 8%
Net carbs 21g
Fiber 0.5g 2%
Sugar 12g
Protein 2g
Calcium 17mg 2%
Iron 0.4mg 6%
Potassium 85mg 2%
Vitamin D 0.1μg 0.4%
Vitamins and Minerals
Alpha carotene 0μg
Beta carotene 3μg
Caffeine 0mg
Choline 8mg 1%
Copper 0mg 4%
Fluoride 0.1μg
Folate (B9) 4μg 1%
Lycopene 0μg
Magnesium 13mg 3%
Manganese 0.2mg 9%
Niacin 0.2mg 1%
Pantothenic acid 0.1mg 2%
Phosphorus 20mg 3%
Retinol 13μg
Riboflavin (B2) 0mg 1%
Selenium 6μg 11%
Theobromine 0mg
Thiamine 0mg 1%
Vitamin A IU 47IU
Vitamin A 13μg 1%
Vitamin B12 0μg 1%
Vitamin B6 0mg 3%
Vitamin C 0.1mg 0.1%
Vitamin D IU 2IU
Vitamin D2 0μg
Vitamin D3 0.1μg
Vitamin E 0.1mg 0.5%
Vitamin K 0.2μg 0.2%
Zinc 0.1mg 1%
Sugar 12g
Sucrose 6g
Glucose 1g
Fructose 1g
Lactose 0g
Maltose 0g
Galactose 0g
Starch 0g
Saturated fats 1g 4%
Monounsaturated fats 0.4g
Polyunsaturated fats 0.1g
Trans fats 0g
Fatty Acids
Total omega 3 0g
Total omega 6 0.1g
Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) 0g
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 0g
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 0g
Docosapentaenoic Acid (DPA) 0g
Amino Acids
Alanine 0.1g
Arginine 0.1g
Aspartic acid 0.1g
Cystine 0g
Glutamic acid 0.5g
Glycine 0.1g
Histidine 0g
Hydroxyproline 0g
Isoleucine 0.1g
Leucine 0.1g
Lysine 0.1g
Methionine 0g
Phenylalanine 0.1g
Proline 0.2g
Serine 0.1g
Threonine 0g
Tryptophan 0g
Tyrosine 0.1g
Valine 0.1g