Nutrition references

If you haven't already, please read my disclaimer. This site is a tool to help you mock up a meal plan, not a replacement for a nutritionist or licensed medical advice. This nutrition references section is both an attempt to help you educate yourself about nutrition and an attempt to give some slight legitimacy to the principles behind the generator. As I have time, I'll add more reputable/extensive sources.

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General references - One of the most comprehensive resources available about nutrition and supplements. Every page comes with extensive references to scientific research backing the usefulness of any supplement or nutrition guideline.

Reddit Fitness FAQ - An extensive list of any fitness and nutrition questions you might have.

Macronutrient intake guide - A discussion of how much you should eat. The calorie calculator on the generator page is based on these recommendations and the Mifflin-St Jeor equation.

Basic supplements table - A brief table on the types of supplements, their purpose, and effectiveness. For something more extensive, refer to, mentioned above.

A calorie is mostly a calorie - A New York Times article on caloric intake being the most important factor in weight maintenance. However, there are many nuances to different macronutrient balances, and most people trying to lose weight will do better with fewer carbs.

Eggs and dietary cholesterol vs serum cholesterol - Unless you are diabetic, there is little correlation between dietary and blood cholesterol.

Proteins more satiating than fats or carbs - One of the biggest challenges in losing weight is just being hungry. Make it easier on yourself by favoring protein in your diet.

How insulin works - An easy to follow video that briefly explains how insulin functions with respect to fat storage.