Mastering Meal Planning Part 8: You Did It!


This chapter marks the final installment in our eight part guide about making simple changes to improve your diet. Hopefully by this point in your healthy eating journey you’ve gained a greater understanding of your diet habits, nutritional needs and how to set goals that are a good mix of challenge and achievable. If at some point you discover the scale isn’t moving or your cooking schedule is tough to maintain, make some adjustments based on what you’re observing. How you feel while following a new meal plan is the best indicator for long term success. It might be hard work at times, but it should always bring you closer to your goals.

For quick reminders to post on your fridge or at your desk, here are the essentials of what we covered:

  • Starting is the most important step; making up your mind makes all the difference.
  • You don’t have to turn your life upside down to see progress; making a few small changes can lead to great success.
  • Plan carefully and you’ll remove obstacles before you hit them.
  • Observing yourself in a non judgemental way will reveal valuable insights about what and how to change your diet.
  • Pay attention to how you spend your time. Preparation is great, but action is golden.
  • Believe in yourself. Persistence and smart choices can take you farther than you might realize.
  • Everyone here at Eat This Much wants you to succeed and we love hearing from you!

In Conclusion

You can do this. Even if you’re not interested in using ETM to support your diet changes, this guide will be here to remind you that a healthier diet is well within your reach. And if you are using Eat This Much, feel free to ask us for help. We’re always here to answer questions and love hearing your comments, suggestions and success stories, so please drop us a line at [email protected] any time.

Good luck!