Healthy Chicken Vegetable Casserole

Healthy Chicken Vegetable Casserole
Fat 39% Carbs 31% Protein 30%
Percent Calories

1 serving of healthy chicken vegetable casserole contains 492 Calories. The macronutrient breakdown is 31% carbs, 39% fat, and 30% protein. This is a good source of protein (67% of your Daily Value), potassium (17% of your Daily Value), and calcium (40% of your Daily Value).

6 servings
Prep Time
15 minutes
Cook Time
55 minutes



  1. Heat oil in a pan over medium-high heat. Add chicken and cook for 12-15 miinutes, or until cooked through and no longer pink; set aside.
  2. Prepare the white sauce by placing the butter in a small sauce pot that has been preheated over medium heat. Once the butter foams, add flour and stir for 1 minute; try not to let the mixture turn brown. Add milk to the mixture and continue to stir until it starts to bubble.
  3. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Add pepper, Italian seasoning, and parmesan cheese to the sauce. Stir to combine.
  4. Cook pasta according to package directions. While pasta is cooking, preheat oven to 350 degrees F. During the last minute of the pasta's cooking, add the chopped broccoli to the water. Allow to simmer for one minute.
  5. Drain the pasta and broccoli. Spritz the bottom and sides of a 9x13 inch casserole dish with nonstick cooking spray.
  6. In a large bowl, combine the pasta and broccoli with the chicken and chopped vegetables; cover with the sauce. Place in the baking dish. Sprinkle with the Monterey jack cheese and cover with foil.
  7. Bake for 20 minutes; remove foil and continue to bake until cheese is melted and bubbly. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

For 1 serving of healthy chicken vegetable casserole (345g)

Nutrient Value %DV
Calories 492
Fats 22g 28%
Saturated fats 10g 49%
Trans fats 0.3g
Cholesterol 105mg 35%
Sodium 493mg 21%
Carbs 39g 14%
Net carbs 37g
Fiber 2g 6%
Sugar 4g
Protein 37g
Calcium 400mg 40%
Iron 2mg 30%
Potassium 789mg 17%
Vitamin D 1μg 6%
Vitamins and Minerals
Alpha carotene 6μg
Beta carotene 230μg
Caffeine 0mg
Choline 93mg 17%
Copper 0.3mg 31%
Fluoride 2μg
Folate (B9) 73μg 18%
Lycopene 0μg
Magnesium 107mg 26%
Manganese 1mg 53%
Niacin 11mg 68%
Pantothenic acid 2mg 44%
Phosphorus 563mg 80%
Retinol 154μg
Riboflavin (B2) 0.5mg 37%
Selenium 56μg 101%
Theobromine 0mg
Thiamine 0.3mg 26%
Vitamin A IU 903IU
Vitamin A 173μg 19%
Vitamin B12 1μg 37%
Vitamin B6 1mg 77%
Vitamin C 140mg 155%
Vitamin D IU 40IU
Vitamin D2 0μg
Vitamin D3 1μg
Vitamin E 2mg 11%
Vitamin K 29μg 24%
Zinc 3mg 29%
Sugar 4g
Sucrose 0g
Glucose 0.4g
Fructose 1g
Lactose 3g
Maltose 0g
Galactose 0g
Starch 0g
Saturated fats 10g 49%
Monounsaturated fats 8g
Polyunsaturated fats 2g
Trans fats 0.3g
Fatty Acids
Total omega 3 0.1g
Total omega 6 1g
Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) 0g
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 0g
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 0g
Docosapentaenoic Acid (DPA) 0g
Amino Acids
Alanine 2g
Arginine 2g
Aspartic acid 3g
Cystine 0.3g
Glutamic acid 8g
Glycine 1g
Histidine 1g
Hydroxyproline 0g
Isoleucine 2g
Leucine 3g
Lysine 3g
Methionine 1g
Phenylalanine 2g
Proline 3g
Serine 2g
Threonine 2g
Tryptophan 0.5g
Tyrosine 1g
Valine 2g

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