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Plan a week of meals at a time
Each week, the planner will automatically generate a week's worth of meals and send them to you with a grocery list. Then, you can edit or regenerate them as much as you want.
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Automatic grocery lists
If you make any changes to your meal plans, the grocery lists will instantly update to match. When you're happy with your meal plans, either take the list to the store, or get it delivered via AmazonFresh or Instacart!

Customize each day of the week
Want your workout days to have a higher calorie and carb intake? Or maybe you have more time to cook on weekends than weekdays? Each day of the week can be completely customized with unique nutrition profiles and meal types.

Thousands of recipes
We have over 5,000 curated recipes to choose from, and over 300,000 foods that you can use for tracking. Can't find something you like? Import recipes from your favorite websites, or enter them manually.

You'll also get:

Print or email meal plans and grocery lists, or download as PDF

Save an unlimited number of meal plans (vs just one with the free account)

The "Family scale" setting on your meals will scale the ingredients in your grocery list

You'll be supporting our small but dedicated team in continuing to improve the site.

Our database has a ton of foods from popular brands, and can even tell you what to get at nearby restaurants.

Your grocery lists automatically update to match your plans.

Want to bring lunch to work? Or have Meal Prep Sunday? Set up custom leftovers patterns in any way you like.

We're always improving! We have a long roadmap of new features that we're releasing on a regular basis.