Eat This Much Pro

Meal planning that you and your clients will love

Create meal plans faster than ever

Save time and energy while creating healthy meal plans for your clients with Eat This Much Pro. Make and send meal plans without choosing foods one at a time or let your clients build their own using our best-in-class interface.

Flexibility for you and your clients

Your clients get access to a full Eat This Much account, including our iOS and Android apps, which allows them to make substitutions and edit plans while sticking to their nutritional targets.

You can also simply send your clients their meal plans in an email or print them out. It's totally up to you.

Happier clients, happier business

Eating better and reaching diet goals is easier with Eat This Much because we focus on staying accessible to the average dieter, yet comprehensive enough for more advanced nutritional training.

The more successful your clients are, the happier they are, which is always good for business!


Fast and fully customizable meal plan generation according to a comprehensive range of caloric and macro goals, food preferences and restrictions.

Your own Eat This Much account to create meal plans that you can edit, save and send to clients.

Individual Eat This Much accounts for your clients gives you the flexibility of managing or sharing their meal plans.

Per-client pricing that scales with your business

Custom branding with your logo View a sample email

Meal Plan Editor that lets you completely customize the text and layout of your emailed meal plans (Or download them as a PDF!)

30 day, no-questions-asked refund policy if you aren't totally happy with the Eat This Much Pro experience. Just cancel your membership and send us an email with your request.


Small group

$49 / month

  • Give your clients full use of Eat This Much's tools and apps
  • * 10 full clients, 100 email-only clients
  • Custom branding
  • Fully customizable meal plan emails

Large group

Contact us

  • If you have a large group (100+), contact us for discount pricing and custom solutions
  • Custom client pricing
  • Priority technical support
  • All other small group features

Extra client pricing *

Full-access clients: $4/mo per client. These clients are given a full Eat This Much Premium account. They can set it up themselves and be hands-off, or you can be as involved as you like in setting up their meal plans for them.
Email-only clients: You can save your client emails to your account and then email them customized meal plans directly from the site.


"As a professional trainer who understands the importance of dietary compliance when it comes to results, I searched high and low for nutrition and meal-planning software for my clients. I came across Eat This Much and was immediately BLOWN AWAY by its ease of use, customization potential, and cost-effectiveness. This tool is the best of its kind."

- Mike Howard, Founder of Lean Minded

"I'm a vegan figure competitor and aspiring nutritionist, and I've been dreaming of designing a website that does this. My friends always ask me to write them diets and I spent hours manually doing what this website can do in a few minutes."

- Simone K. @veganlife_fitness