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Eat This Much Pro lets fitness and health professionals expand their services and provide even more value to their clients without eating into everyone’s busy schedule.

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Eat This Much is a life-changer and a game-changer. It’s had a huge impact on the number of clients that I can provide meal planning services to and has been a key factor in the overall growth of my business.

We make your meal planning services easy…

Trainers, coaches, and nutrition experts all understand the importance of diet when it comes to their clients hitting fitness and health goals.

With Eat This Much, you can create nutritious meal plans in minutes. No more choosing foods one at a time or juggling messy spreadsheets.

...and flexible

You have the ability to customize each plan to individual needs of your clients. And you can give them direct access to our app to select foods, see nutrition info, and access shopping lists.

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Eat This Much Pro Features

Plan Meals Based On Goals

Fully customizable plans according to a range of caloric and macro goals, preferences, and restrictions

Add Your Own Branding

Create a consistent feel with your services by adding your logo to the plans you share

Provide App Access To Your Clients

Allow your clients to stay engaged with their meal plans on our web and mobile apps

Save Meal Plans For Easy Re-Use

Generate plans based on the past selections from your account or your client’s account

Email Plans To Your Clients

Send your clients their latest meal plans and recipes via email or PDF. [View a sample email]

Service Your Clients In One Spot

Use the admin dashboard to quickly jump between client accounts and make updates

You look great, and your clients stay on track

With so many options to choose from for clients seeking diet and health services, Eat This Much sets your services apart.

Our detailed nutrition breakdowns, easy to follow recipes, and grocery lists simplify your clients’ lives and keep them engaged.

And the app is available to you and your clients on the web at home and in the office, or with the iOS and Android apps at the grocery store or the gym.

A Plan That Scales With Your Business

Whether you service a few clients or entire organizations, we have you covered.

$79 /mo
billed quarterly, or $99 monthly
  • Includes 10 client accounts
  • Extra clients are only $4/month/client
  • Custom branded emails and PDFs with built-in PDF editor
  • Fully customize each client's settings from their macros to their food restrictions and then create meal plans specific to them
  • Create collections of recipes and specify meals to only use those recipes
  • Optional logins for clients with full access to Eat This Much Premium, with your branding displayed on the web app and mobile apps

Don't take it from us - our users love it

We interviewed professionals who use ETM Pro with their clients.
Here are clips from their unscripted testimonials:

More Testimonials

"As a professional trainer who understands the importance of dietary compliance when it comes to results, I searched high and low for nutrition and meal-planning software for my clients. I came across Eat This Much and was immediately BLOWN AWAY by its ease of use, customization potential, and cost-effectiveness. This tool is the best of its kind."

- Mike Howard, Founder of Lean Minded

"I'm a vegan figure competitor and aspiring nutritionist, and I've been dreaming of designing a website that does this. My friends always ask me to write them diets and I spent hours manually doing what this website can do in a few minutes."

- Simone K. @veganlife_fitness