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Tools to put you back in control of your diet

Nutrition isn’t always easy, but no one said it had to be complicated. We’re a tight-knit team of 6 building tools to streamline the process of eating well.

If you’re drowning in the infinite sea of ‘hacks, tips & tricks’ to “fix” your diet, Eat This Much is a much needed beacon of practicality.

Build your diet with fully customizable recipes, tweak based on detailed nutrition information that updates in real-time, and review your progress with automatic weight and calorie tracking.

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Changing your diet with Eat This Much

Plan Prepare Progress


  • Tell us your goals, preferences, and what foods to avoid
  • Find your favorite restaurant and prepackaged foods in our database, or upload your personal recipes
  • Make everything just right with detailed nutrition information that updates in real time


  • Get a weekly email with your complete grocery list and cooking instructions
  • Check your grocery list for ingredients you prefer to substitute
  • Take your grocery list to the store, or get it delivered to start right away. Shop, cook, and eat on your own schedule.


  • Update any changes to the plan, the rest is automatically tracked
  • Review detailed stats on your weight and nutrients
  • Adjust your plan and repeat!

"Will this really work?"

It works for our team and for hundreds of thousands of our other users around the world.

Although our tools are new, they’re designed around well established principles - Instead of leaving dietary success at the mercy of willpower, planning ahead avoids all sorts of pitfalls entirely. Recent studies have shown comparable weight-loss between individuals given detailed meal plans and those provided with healthy ready-to-eat meals for free. (http://europepmc.org/abstract/med/8788323)

Curious about more of the science behind good nutrition and why calories matter? Check out our nutrition references page.

More than just a calorie tracker

We have searchable databases of nutrition information, and our platform is built for organizing and executing an effective, personalized meal plan.

Calorie trackers are great for analyzing your habits, but provide little to no guidance on what to do next. With Eat This Much, you can make the hard decisions on your own time and avoid the pitfalls of an uncertain future.

Get it delivered

You can 1-click export your grocery list to Instacart and have everything delivered in as little as one hour. Even if Eat This Much makes it easy to figure out what to eat, the time and energy it takes to go grocery shopping makes it easy to procrastinate. With grocery delivery, now there's one less reason to put off improving your diet.

Click here for more info on using our grocery delivery feature.

Tools for building the perfect...

Low carb and carb cycling diets

Intense physical activity of all kinds, but especially resistance training, can have a serious impact on daily energy expenditure. The growing popularity of carb-cycled and all the flavors of ketogenic dieting has resulted in some seriously complicated macro schemes. With the ability to set different nutrition targets for each day of the week, adjusting for a missed day is easy.

The Pantry system will automatically keep track of your eaten foods
Set different nutrition targets for different days. Every day of the week can have a unique meal layout.

Vegetarian diets

If you’re a vegetarian, or you’re just trying to add more green things into your diet, there are whole genres of nutrition advice that don’t work for you. By setting up ingredient filters you can save time sifting through recipes or looking up substitutions for strict meal plans. This is also great for anyone with food intolerances (or looking to test for them).

Vegetarians can filter meat products
Customize the food filters to match any diet you like
You can block individual recipes and ingredients for fine grain control
Block individual foods and recipes for finer control

Bodybuilding diets

Bodybuilders get picked on a lot for eating the same 3 or 4 things for months at a time, but the results speak for themselves. If you’ve got limited time (or cooking skills) setting up a recurring foods list allows for careful control over variety in your diet. This is great for rotating in new recipes without upending your entire routine.

Bodybuilders can set recurring foods and meals
Set specific foods and meals to recur as often as you like. The planner will work around these foods and still hit your macros.

Paleo diets

If cooking is your forte, and you’ve already got a well-stocked pantry, our grocery list and pantry systems make it easy to substitute ingredients you already have, and keep track of unused produce. Paleo dieters can attest that preservative-free foods do not make for pleasant surprises at the end of the month.

The Pantry system will automatically keep track of your eaten foods
Keep your plans updated to reflect what you eat, and the Pantry will automatically keep track of what's left.

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