Privacy Policy of Eat This Much

Eat This Much (hereinafter “Application”) collects some Personal Data from its Users.

tl;dr We have some analytics packages installed to help us figure out how people use the site, plus some basic Facebook and Twitter integration. If you use our restaurant meal finder (web only for now), we may also ask for location permissions (or you can enter any location manually). Sometimes we also use remarketing to ask Google/Facebook to show you an ad about our service.

If you rate foods and recipes on our service, we do some processing to suggest recipes we think you'll like, based on recipes that other people liked. This data is not shared with anyone else.

Want to prevent any kind of tracking? Type "disable third party cookies" plus the name of your web browser into any search engine to find out how. Many of the plugins we list here also have "opt out" pages.

The Data are collected and processed for the purposes set out below.