Grocery delivery, meal prep, and more

September 2016

We're excited to announce some major updates to Eat This Much. These have been a long time coming, and represent what we (and the thousands of you who have sent us feedback emails) have wanted for better automation of our eating habits.

What's new?

Grocery delivery integration with Instacart!

Now you can 1-click export your grocery list to Instacart and have everything delivered in as little as one hour. This is a huge step towards our goal of making it effortless to eat well - for many people, making a trip to the grocery store is a big barrier to consistently eating healthy. Now it's possible to create a new meal plan and have everything delivered without interrupting your day.

Click here to check if you're in Instacart's delivery area. This will be web-only for now, but we hope to add it to the mobile apps soon.
[Click here for instructions on using the grocery delivery feature]

Less food waste, more practical grocery lists

We've totally rewritten the automatic weekly planner to be a lot smarter (and a good bit faster). Our algorithms now place much more emphasis on efficiently using up everything in your grocery list, and if you add items you already own to your pantry, we'll heavily prioritize them.

You can also tell the weekly planner what you want it to optimize the most. In the past, we've tried to configure it with 'one size fits all' settings. However, after reading countless feedback emails, we found that everyone wants different things from their meal plans, and it's often impossible to satisfy every goal at the same time. Now you can choose what you want the weekly planner to focus on most: Variety, Grocery Efficiency, Macros, or a Balance.

Note If your pantry foods aren't being used as much as you want, set the weekly planner to focus on Grocery Efficiency.

Customizable leftovers

The Leftovers settings page has been totally revamped to let you set up any kind of schedule you can think of. You can set up a Meal Prep Sunday and have every meal create leftovers for the next 6 days, or just have dinner save leftovers for the next couple lunches. As you set up a leftovers schedule, a preview of your week will instantly update to show you how leftovers get planned.

Another addition is that you can now manually create leftovers from any recipe. Click a recipe's image to view the details, and then click the "Create leftovers" button to add it to other meals in your plan.

More control over Meal Complexity

We’ve replaced the global Complexity setting with individual Complexity settings on each Meal Type. We also added a "Super simple" setting for people who thought the Simple setting was still too complicated. Super simple meals will usually have no more than 2-3 total ingredients. (If it's still not simple enough for you, you can always add your basic chicken and rice as Recurring Foods.)

What's next?

We still have a lot of goals to tackle on our timeline, including more recipes, better variety controls, easier tracking, and more. Want to hear about our future updates? Create an account with us and we'll be sure to send out update emails when we have them.

Note from the founder

We've made a lot of progress with ETM since I started it as a side project 5 years ago. Grocery delivery has been one of my 'pie in the sky' goals since the beginning, and now it's possible thanks to a partnership with Instacart. Even if ETM makes it easy to figure out what to eat, the time and energy it takes to go grocery shopping makes it easy to procrastinate. Now with delivery, there's one less reason to put off improving your diet.

We still have a long way to go before our service makes eating well totally effortless, but we're making progress every day. I owe huge thanks for that progress to everyone on the team, including Al, Patrick, Riley, Matt, Erin, and Mike. And a similarly huge thanks to all of our subscribers that continue to support us in building things.

- Louis

Note from Instacart

Instacart is excited to integrate with recipe providers by offering same-day delivery for services that people already know and love. Our API integration strives to help bloggers, content creators and recipe providers make the meal planning, shopping and preparation experience as simple as a few easy clicks online. Our recent integration with Eat This Much exemplifies a deepening of our commitment to providing a seamless experience to as many consumers as possible.